Quotes by Imam Malik (رحمه الله)


  1. Verily, when a person starts praising himself then his honor will leave him.
  2. I have met people in my city who seem the most righteous, but they went out and started exposing people, Allah made their faults apparent. I know other people who have faults but because they are quiet, Allah caused people to forget their faults.
  3. A sign of a person’s evil is his need to constantly argue.
  4. If I have 99 reasons to believe a person is a kafir and one to believe he is not, I will prefer the latter.
  5. Seek knowledge, even about how to wear shoes according to the Sunnah.
  6. The Sunnah is like the Ark of Noah. Whoever embarks upon it reaches salvation and whoever refuses is drowned.
  7. Knowledge is not knowing a large number of texts and quoting narrations. It is a light that Allah places in the heart.
  8. The believer is like a pearl; wherever he is, his beautiful (qualities) are with him.
  9. Do not give misled people access to your ears. You have no idea what kind of trouble that can create within you.
  10. It is not benefiting for anyone with knowledge to give up learning.
  11. Whoever wants to have a clean heart, then let his secret deeds be better than his public deeds.
  12. Do not behave like lords when looking at the sins of people, but like servants. Thus, have sympathy for those who are being tested, and praise Allah that you are saved (from those trials).
  13. Do not look down arrogantly on the people of sin but pray to Allah for their guidance.
  14. Learn good manners before seeking knowledge.
  15. Asceticism is not the absence of wealth, but emptying the heart of it.
  16. Whoever practices tasawwuf without studying the shariah destroys his faith, while he who studies the shariah without practicing tasawwuf damages himself. Only he who combined the two, is right.
  17. Crying out of the fear of Allah is more beloved to me than donating my own weight in gold.
  18. It is better for a man to leave one haram dirham than to give a hundred thousand in charity.
  19. Only that which was effective for the first of this community will be effective for the last of it.
  20. Knowledge does not come but you have to go to it.
  21. Whoever walks with the oppressed to give him his right, Allah will keep him firm on the day he slips.
  22. Take hold of the hand of the oppressor and stop him from oppression.
  23. It is humiliating to take your needs to people.
  24. Do not do yourself what you are stopping others from doing.
  25. Laughing too much is a sign of stupidity.
  26. Hypocrites in the mosque have the same condition as sparrows in a cage that fly away as soon as the door is opened.
  27. Be devoted to good deeds only for the pleasure of Allah.
  28. When you do something for the pleasure of Allah, do it well.
  29. There is no problem if you disobey people, but do not disobey Allah in the obedience of people.
  30. Do not reveal the secret of the person if you happen to know it.
  31. When the ruler becomes fat, know that he is betraying his subjects and his Lord.

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